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    Post by -Pain- on Sun Sep 11, 2011 1:55 am

    Alright, the forum is getting topics almost everyday about requesting to be a staff member. Well by doing that you are just spamming up the forum, making the staff members do a lot more work. Here are the requirements to becoming & requesting to become staff:

    You've been registered in this forum for more than two weeks.

    You must be able to spell correctly and use proper English grammar.

    The staff is in need of some members. But not to many.

    Please fill in the app below and post below ill take a look and pick some new team members for the staff when this topic is locked were ar no longer taking applications for staff/site jobs.

    Name: (Simply put your name here.)
    Age: (Put your real life age here. Also, do not lie just so you can look all grown up, if you are simply in a low age. Like 10 years, than say it here. Do not lie.)
    Join Date: (Put your join date here.)
    Activity: (Just list what times you are usually online, when are you active, and etc.)
    Position: (This is the position you are applying for.)
    Contributions to forum: (If you have done anything to help the site, name them here.)
    Past Experiences: (Do you have any past experience with moderating? If so, list them here.)
    Reason(s): (List the reason on why you are applying for this position. Be as detailed as possible.)

    Join Date:
    Contributions to forum:
    Past Experiences:

    Post below your completed application and I will take my time to look through them.

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